Friends of Together We Grow

We're not just focused on the plants...we're focused on the people. 


In January of 2018, The Friends of Together We Grow monthly donor program was born. Throughout that year, Together We Grow made 26 friends and brought in $6,000 in pledges both one-time gifts and monthly. This program turned out to be hugely beneficial to operations at our gardens and we are so thankful to all of our friends.


This year, TWG is hoping to DOUBLE our pledges with more friends! Our goal for 2019 is to gain 59 total friends and bring in a total of $12,000 in pledges. So far we have been blessed with many wonderful friends in only our first month! What a joy! 

So would you like to help us DOUBLE our friends so we can DOUBLE our outreach? Then become of Friend of Together We Grow today so we can help others tomorrow.


Hot Pepper Level
Sweetie Tomato Level
Grand Champion Pumpkin Level

Thank you to all of our wonderful friends who have supported us so far! We couldn't do it without you.



Steve and Melanie Duggins ($100 monthly)

Freda Houpt ($100 monthly)

Mike and Pam Roberts ($100 monthly)


David and Jennifer Ballenger ($50 monthly)


Bob and Jan Meadows ($25 monthly)

Mary Barry ($25 monthly)

Tim and Traci Powell ($25 monthly)

Sarah Thomas ($5 monthly)

Gary and Beth Wells ($20 monthly)

Mary Lou Wiard ($20 monthly)

Larry and Patsy O'Dell ($20 Monthly)

Megan McKenzie ($5 Monthly)

Please fill out the form below if you too would like to become a Friend of Together We Grow.

If you would like to make a one time donation please visit our donation page.

We would like to thank all of our one time Friends of Together We Grow donors for their support. You Rock!

Judy Bradley   $100

Marlene Murphy   $100

Jerry and Betty Ashcraft    $100

Merel and Linda Pickenpaugh   $100

United Church of Granville   $100

Rich and Mary Ignasiak   $50

Robert and Joan Cullen   $50

Mary Lou Wiard   $50

Jerome and Rita Rutherford   $27

Saundra Smith    $27

Jay and Alma Squire   $25

Chris and Pauline Slayman   $25

Wade and Jill Gillespie   $25

Melody Davis   $10

Ed and Ann Albertson $50 

Rebecca Hampton $175

Judy Bradley $200

David and Beth Morris $25 

Mark and Cindy Shaner $10

True Core Foundation $100

Sutton Law Firm $50

Elaine Browning $100

Ed and Elizabeth Cobb $75

Alan and Jean Jankowski $25

Diana Wolf $100

Adam Shaner $10

Joe and Irene Kennedy $360

Susie Kalinoski $100

David Evans &250

Marlene Murphy $100

Wallace and Sheila Kanavel $100 


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