Here We Grow Gardens

A Together We Grow Greenhouse Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities. 

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We started Here We Grow on a whim of an idea.  The idea was to integrate adults with disabilities into our community and introduce them to therapeutic gardening and vocational skills that could help them become more self-sufficient. The programs success way exceeded our dreams. We now have a fully functioning greenhouse where our program participants learn to maintain a greenhouse, grow and harvest vegetables, and integrate with community members.  

Sarah Ross Thomas, Program Director


If you are interested in volunteering in our greenhouse with our participants,  please click the link below to visit our volunteer page and sign up. 




Participants recently made a trip to the amazing Land Lab of Granville. Located in front of the Granville Intermediate School, The Land Lab was created to contribute to conservation by restoring the area in front of the Granville Intermediate School.  It is an outdoor classroom for students of the Granville Exempted School District, Denison University, and surrounding school districts of Licking County can learn about the sciences and is often the site for many of the students Take Action Projects.  Jim Reading, an environmental teacher at Granville High School, took us on a tour of the land. We learned about the plant species that were planted and why, and all the pollinator species that were planted for the birds and the bees! What a day!! 

Our greenhouse gardens have officially been certified as a Monarch Waystation! Thank you to Lori Stevenson from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who helped us to meet the criteria needed in our gardens to provide resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. Lori also invited us to her farm to give us a tour and teach our participants, who have worked to cultivate our Monarch Waystation, more about Monarchs and their importance in our ecosystem. Our participants had a blast learning about all her animals and how important they are to our environment. 

Our participants are also currently working on their gardens for the Dine and Dash program of the First Presbyterian Church of Newark. A meal program for the homeless that our participants have been helping with. 


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