"The quality of these fruits/vegetables excels what is in the grocery store. The taste and nutritional value is superb. I highly value access to the u-pick gardens providing me with produce i can pick fresh from the vine with my own two hands. My family, friends, and I want to thank all responsible for providing this service. Thank you Together We Grown Program and United Way. "  

Martie Bruce, U-Pick Participant

Organic Vegetables

"I am so impressed with {Together We Grow} and their commitment to helping those in the community not only with food but with education about being self sufficient through growing food. Coming from Las Vegas, gardening has eluded me, but Together We Grow has taught me so much about how to cultivate and grow my own garden here in Ohio. It's incredibly empowering to work hard and grow something you can eat! It is a super power and a passion they are instilling in those in the community that need it."  - Kristyn Smith, volunteer

Gold Level Sponsors
$25,000+ per year

Sliver Level Sponsors
$10,000+ per year

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adults with developmental dissabilities

Here We Grow Gardens Program

Supporting adults with developmental disabilities by teaching how to cultivate, plant, and harvest.  


Power of Plants Program

A school centered program promoting the discovery of new vegetables and a chance to practice hands on planting and harvesting.  


Community Gardens 

Last year our gardens provided over 6,000 lbs of food for members of the community with food insecurities.  Rent a garden plot for the season to grow your own produce for only $10.