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Power of Plants

A Together We Grow Educational Garden Program

"When Mike and I founded our first garden, not only did we see a change in our neighborhood, but a change in the children too. The kids of our neighborhood came out in droves to our gardens. They spent more time outdoors with peers, were eager to help in the gardens, and most importantly they loved it. I just knew that I needed to bring the joy of our gardens to the local schools. So I did." 

Pam Roberts, Executive Director

Bringing the Joy of Gardening to our Schools

The schools we work with have over 75% of the children on free and reduced lunches.  Many of those families, even with two working parents, frequently face food insecurity. Our Power of Plants Educational Program was started to provide these students with food, educational resources, and opportunity. We also invite the students' families to join us in our community gardens for the summer to increase their food supply.

Our Power of Plants program seeks to expose students to healthy food and give them opportunities they may not have had before. Much has been written about the positive effects of gardening on students.  They gain a sense of teamwork, learn patience and focus, and gain self-confidence, helping them achieve higher test scores.  We want these children to not just create a habit of being in our gardens, but learn skills in these gardens that help them to be more self-sufficient in the future. 

We made our first partnership with Carson Elementary in 2015 and the rest is history. Scroll down below to see how we've spread our garden joy to Newark City Schools...


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