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U-pick market

Rent your own garden bed

Our u-pick plots give the community a chance to come and harvest their own produce for free during the summer months.  

Our garden plots provide members of the community with a place to experience the joy of gardening. Plots include seeds & water.  $10/ 4X10 regular bed, $25/20X20 large bed (6th St only).


Eastern Avenue

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Garden Plots for Rent

curtis St.jpg

Curtis Avenue

  • Purchased from Licking County Land Bank

  • Produce grown for our Upick Market


Western Avenue

  • Raised Beds for rent

  • Beautiful flower garden

brick sidewalk.jpg

Everett Park

  • Over 100 Garden Plots

  • Individual plots for rent

  • Beautiful perennial beds

  • Wheelchair accessible beds


6th Street

utica garden.jpg

Utica Garden

  • Garden plots for rent

  • Produce donated to local food banks

Newark Gardens

Utica Garden

Newark Garden
Utica Garden
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