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"When Mike and I founded our first garden, not only did we see a change in our neighborhood, but a change in the children too. The kids of our neighborhood came out in droves to our gardens. They spent more time outdoors with peers, were eager to help in the gardens, and most importantly they loved it. I just knew that I needed to bring the joy of our gardens to the local schools. So I did." 

Pam Roberts, Executive Director


In 2012, Mike and Pam Roberts started the first community garden on Eastern Avenue. So many good results came from that garden, that they knew they wanted to have more! There are now six community gardens (Eastern Avenue, Everett Park, Curtis Street, Sixth Street, Western Avenue, and Utica ) and 7 school gardens at all the Newark City Elementary Schools.  We also have field trips and activities at our Fruit and Forest Farm.

In 2017, the Community Greenhouse was built at Heritage Middle School and has now become the main station for a lot of our operations. Here We Grow Gardens program is entirely run out of the greenhouse, as well as the production of Luffas with a Cause. The Power of Plants and Veterans programs also uses the greenhouse for many of their activities and events. 


Together We Grow  is growing day by day. Our motto is Growing Licking County One Garden at a Time... and we think we are on our way!

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